Human Machine Interface

A Special design on human machine interface would perfectly fit in your professional medical equipment.

In clinical environment, human machine interface(HMI) can improve the communication between medical staff and equipment so that medical staff can operate equipment more efficiently and easily.

MEDWEL’s HMI products have a slim looking and features of electrical stablility and safty . In clinical, these devices can be used as presenting information and control for medical supplier’s equipment. Compared to those prodcuts for consumer or industrial applications, MEDWEL’s products solve many problems for our customers to meet those requirements of longevity, higher celectrical safety. Hospitals using MEDWEL’s HMI products will avoid difficity in replacing these devices.

Product Technology

The MEDWEL’s medical HMI has several main features:

  • Complied eletricty safety standard: The full series of HMI products can be certified by EN 60601-1& EN60601-1-2, IP65 waterproof and dustproof design(front side), and Industrial-grade stability for product testing and verification.
  • Special design on medical application:The fanless design offers users a low-noise environment and easy to maintenance. 10-points touch function is allowable and not affected by silicone gloves. The true-flat screen can be wiped directly with alcohol, and antibacterial coating is optional.
  • Stylish design: MEDWEL HMI products were designed in thin, streamlined, silver and white color. MEDWEL HMI products are thinner and better-looking than similar competing products on the market.
  • Longevity support: Our product have a 10-year product longevity to assure the long term supply of medical products.

Product Function​

The MEDWEL medical HMI has several main functions:

  • Various standard sizes of 10.1″/21.5″/23.6″, and 15.6″/18.5″ for customized projects. Our panel PC can support multiple medical applications and match with different medical equipment.
  • 10-points capacitive touch: Even if medical staff wear silicone gloves, the HMI products can precisely detect the touch and respond quickly.
  • EN-60601-1 medical standards to improve electromagnetic safety so that the system will not be impacted by static electricity and current. Low electromagnetic interference to avoid interfering with the operation of other precision medical instruments.
  • Support diverse CPU platforms spanning from Intel Atom to Core i3/i5/i7.
  • Supports stand and VESA 75*75/100*100 locking method, which can be fixed on the wall, cantilever, and desktop bracket.

Improve Efficiency​

MEDWEL HMI products are actually used in various medical applications such as brain surgery guidance equipment, physiological measurement instrument, X-ray diagnostic instrument, smart bedside terminals, clinical information system and so on. Excellent and stable product quality allows our customers to quickly integrate HMI into their own products/systems. Meanwhile, hospitals can enjoy medical grade and high quality of information equipment. MEDWEL's HMI product series bring win-win to hospitals and medical device manufacturers!

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