Autostereoscopic Real-time 3D Technology


Traditional 3D technology relies on the principle of binocular parallax, necessitating viewers to adorn polarized glasses or head-mounted devices. This allows the viewers to perceive different images for each eye, producing the 3D illusion. In contrast, autostereoscopic displays apply the same principle but without the need for additional equipment, presenting two main types: Parallax Barriers and Lenticular Lenses.

Product Technology

Product Function

The application of autostereoscopic 3D technology is being hailed as a tool to augment surgical precision and results. By offering surgeons an intricate 3D perspective of a patient's internal structure, the technology amplifies spatial awareness, thereby minimizing potential errors.

Notably, MEDWEL's technological approach boasts an impressively minimal delay time of just 49.8ms during its entire process, from image capture to display.

This performance surpasses even sophisticated graphics cards, ensuring display tasks are completed in under 60ms.


MEDWEL envisions revolutionizing surgeries with advanced 3D technology. Our goal is to set new benchmarks in medical imaging, ensuring real-time, high-precision procedures become standard practice worldwide.