Telemedicine in the future


The 2020 eruption of the Covid-19 virus profoundly impacted lives globally. With its primary mode of transmission being respiratory droplets, distancing emerged as the most effective preventative measure. Yet, those infected necessitated medical care, amplifying the importance of telemedicine in such dire times.

Product Technology

Product Function

Cost & Time Efficiency

It curtails healthcare expenses by preventing redundant ER visits, hospitalizations, and related travel costs.

Reducing Health Disparities

It extends medical access to marginalized areas or to patients constrained by mobility or transportation, ensuring equitable health access.

Enhanced Outcomes

By facilitating earlier condition detection, comprehensive patient monitoring, and timely follow-ups, it amplifies healthcare outcomes.


Telemedicine is on the brink of radically transforming the medical consultation landscape. Envision a future where medical service points are commonplace in offices, schools, gyms, and malls. With the capability to monitor patient health records, telemedicine can autonomously funnel physiological data into the healthcare grid. To adapt to this future and align with our medical box system, a medical-grade PC for telemedicine must be mobile, capable of audio and video processing, compatible with multiple OS applications, IEC 60601-1 certified, high-performing, and designed without fans for silent operation.