Medical Cart Computers

Medical cart computer empowering medical staff to provide efficient, safe, and accessible healthcare services.


In today’s healthcare environment, the nurse-patient ratio is becoming increasingly strained, leading to a growing need for solutions that alleviate the burden on medical staff and enhance overall efficiency.

Medical cart computers offer a promising solution for healthcare professionals. These computers are typically classified into three types: Mobile Nursing Carts, Telemedicine Carts, and Surgical Workstations, each designed to address specific needs in different healthcare settings.

Product Technology

Product Function

Medwel's R&D and Product Diversity

Medwel boasts strong research and development capabilities, offering a comprehensive range of products tailored for medical cart computers.

Medical-Grade Assurance

These include the IoT Gateway, Entry Level AIO, Intel® Core™ Box PC, Intel® Core™ Panel PC, Expandable Box PC, and Monitor. All of these products meet medical-grade standards, ensuring optimal quality for healthcare environments.

Improve Efficiency

Medical cart computers from Medwel offer several advantages to their users:

Enhanced Efficiency

By leveraging the portability and functionality of medical cart computers, medical staff can streamline their workflow, saving time and improving overall efficiency. The seamless integration with hospital systems and devices reduces the burden on medical professionals, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Improved Safety

With high-performance graphics processing capabilities and user-friendly design, surgical workstations enable doctors and nurses to view and analyze medical images accurately during surgical procedures. This feature enhances safety by facilitating precise diagnoses and reducing the risk of errors.

Remote Accessibility

Telemedicine carts equipped with medical cart computers provide remote access to healthcare services, especially in underserved areas or emergency situations. The stable network connectivity and high-definition cameras allow medical professionals to offer remote medical consultations, reducing the need for patients to travel and ensuring timely access to healthcare.

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