Pandemic Protection

We well prepared and deployed prevention ahead of time to reduce the impact of the virus.

The society has encourtered SARS (2003), MERS (2012), and current COVID-19 (2019) within two decades. The period and severity of outbreak become more intensive and impactful to human being. Although the epidemic seems to be controlled by couple of vaccines and some self-protection measures nowadays, the virus is constantly evolving and becomes more contagious. Still, no one assures whether and when the next epidemic occurs.

Taiwan shows great antiepidemic power with the lower infection rate and mortality. MEDWEL has abundant experience of ICT products on development and production, and we integrated different technologies to reduce the interindividual transmission in hospitals. Besides, we also offer the equipment to speed up the widespread testing process on covid-19.

Product Technology

MEDWEL’s solution to pandemic protectoin is to organize the outstanding partners in Taiwan and establish an ecosystem of pandemic protection. The ecosystem includes from prevention, detection, treatment and track.

Product Function​


  • Kiosk: Through the self-serve check-in system with touchless technology, patients can avoid the infection risk from closely contacting with other people. Touchless technology is realized via infrared, WI-FI remote and gesture control.
  • Smart measurement: The smart measurement system automatically measures and uploads the data of blood pressure via the procedures shown on the computer screen. By this way, we dramatically reduce the contact times interindividuals.



  • Automated nucleic acid extraction instruments: Rapid virus detection equipment improves the screening rate for COVID-19.



  • Medical-grade respirators: A kind of homecare and portable medical respirator reliefs the pain of infected patients.
  • Home Health Care System: Home health care equipment can cooperate with patients to fight viruses.



  • Telemedicine cart system: For inpatients living in rural areas, the telemedicine system helps doctor to check patients by video conferencing system with basic diagnostic sets.
  • Health management tool: An App using personal physiological data and environment information to manage personal health status.

Improve Efficiency​

To prevent covid-19 effectively, we develop integrated and comprehensive product portfolio to face any challenge from 4 different directions - prevention, detection, treatment, and tracking.