Medical Battery Management


Mobile batteries are widely used in the medical field to power various devices such as mobile nursing carts, electronic medical record systems, and medical equipment. These devices require efficient and stable power to ensure safe and accurate medical operations, and the portability and the ability to replace batteries without time and location constraints allow medical personnel to use and replace batteries whenever necessary, increasing work efficiency and convenience.

Product Technology

Product Function

Design to Certification

To cater to the rigorous demands of medical-grade mobile batteries, a multifaceted approach spanning product design, manufacturing, testing, and certification is imperative.

Med-Tool Design Focus

The design phase should encapsulate the distinct features and prerequisites of medical tools.

Quality Build & Tests

In the production phase, it's crucial to harness premium materials and components. Prior to deployment, these batteries undergo meticulous tests to confirm their safety, reliability, and stability.


At MEDWEL, we specialize in designing and developing medical-grade lithium batteries, providing customized solutions for specific needs. Our services include balanced management of charging and discharging to extend battery life, EC-connected intelligent batteries to reduce impedance and increase charging and discharging efficiency, and customization of battery capacity based on specific device requirements. We also have a strict quality control system in place to ensure our products meet high-quality standards and regulations.