Smart Measurement

A solution using an medical grade computer as an IoT gateway with a good fusion-like outlook to uploaded the measured data to the hospital HIS automatically.

In the epidemic of COVID-19, it is more important to reduce unnecessary contact between patients and medical staff in hospital. In the past, the physiological measurement such as height, weight or even blood pressure, the measured data are hand writing or typing which can cause the errors during manipulation of data. In addition to the risk of errors, which is happened to data transfer or saving to EMR, it is also a work load for nursing staff. In the era of internet of medical things (IoMT), a large number of physiological parameters are collected simply using small sensors and embedded computers; it not only reduces the workload for nursing staff, but also collects the data of patients in a reliable and secured way.

Product Technology

MEDWEL’s smart measurement solution can connect the medical devices to our medical-grade computer, and upload the measured data using in-house software to a specific database of the hospital.

The solution is comprised of a 10” medical touch panel PC, which is mounted on the device or wall via the stand. The in-house software is developed on the Microsoft .NET Core, and the development language is C#. The execution environment of software is windows system and supports Windows 10.

Product Function​

In-house software:
To meet the needs of different users, the in-house software has user-friendly screen layout, which has stepwise design to represent the current step, and will guide user to do next step to complete operation for this measurement. The warm voice reminders strengthen the interaction between patiens and system.

MEDS-P1002 Hardware:
MEDS-P1002 is a medical grade touch computer suitable for not only the human-machine interface of the smart measurement system, but also hospital bedside information system. Its low-power, low-noise and thin design with the features of fan-less as well as a plastic case that is resistant to alcohol wiping, waterproof and dust-proof design make it suitable for medical applications. Besides, it complies with EN 60601-1, CE/FCC Class B and other conditions ensure that the safety and stability in the medical field.

Improve Efficiency​

MEDWEL has successfully installed the smart measurement system in couples of medical center and regional hospitals in Taiwan. The MEDS-P1002 computer as a gateway of the solution has deployed in the wards such as children's wards, internal medicine wards and others to assist nursing staff on measuring the data of patient's weight, height and blood pressure and so on. Before measurement, the system identities patient via healthcare-insurance card, personal ID card or barcode on wrist of patient. After collecting the physiological data, the system will upload the data automatically to the hospital database. This solution reduces the workload for busy nursing staff to increase the time focused on interaction between nursing staff and patients. In summary, this solution declines the likelihood of typo errors by nursing staff as well as improve the quality of caring process in clinical.