The importance of medical I/O cards

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Medical Peripherals

With the rapid development of medical electrical technology, several medical electronic equipment has been introduced into hospitals. Therefore, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) released the third edition of the medical safety standard, which differentiated the users of medical electrical equipment into general operators and patients in 2005.

They introduced the concept of Means of Protection (MOP) into the medical safety standard which is divided into Means of Patient Protection (MOPP) and Means of Operator Protection (MOOP).

Advantages of Medical Peripherals

Reduce operational and medical risks.

Provide a patient-safe healthcare environment

Improve the quality of medical equipment

Improve medical device compatibility

Longevity Support

Medical Connection Interface

DC/ DC power isolation design

High-speed transmission interface

Multiple I/O application interfaces

Medical Peripherals Card

Isolated COM Port Card
Isolated 4 Port LAN Card
Isolated COM Port Card
Isolated COM Port Card

Longevity Support

MEDWEL provides a variety of I/O adapter card connection interfaces to meet your expansion needs in different medical applications, including USB Isolated cards, LAN PCIe x4 Isolated cards, and COM Isolated cards.