SOM and the Ultrasound machine

SOM and the Ultrasound machine

Compared with X-ray or CT tomography, non-invasive detection instruments such as ultrasound and MRI are less harmful to the human body which is more welcomed to the public.

Despite the uncertainties of global economy, the ultrasound market continues to grow strongly in the coming years, mainly due to the following reasons:

Quick expansion of new markets

New clinical application

A.I. changed medical market

Ultrasound is getting popular

Ultrasound attracts more and more users


Because the application of ultrasound tends to be diversified, therefore, it needs to own the following features:


Since COM-e Type 6 stipulated by PICMG Association has the following advantages, it fits ultrasonic medical equipment.

Advantages of CISC processors

Computing module in ultrasound field

Various software resources in Wintel structure

Module standard form factor mainly promoted by Intel

Provides the suitable products

Cooperation with well-known medical manufacturers

Rich development experience in COM-e modules

Compare MEDM-B638 with MEDM-B639

Provides the most suitable products

Medwel has rich development experience in COM-e modules and has cooperated with well-known medical equipment manufacturers. Medwel can provide the most suitable products for their needs.


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