Medical LAN Solutions

MEDWEL introduces a cutting-edge PCIe x4 Isolated medical card equipped with four LAN connection interfaces, specifically designed to cater to diverse expansion requirements in various medical Ethernet applications.

Ensuring medical equipment safety

With the widespread adoption and utilization of medical equipment, ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare professionals is of utmost importance. Medical devices and their peripheral connections must adhere to the rigorous standards set by the IEC60601. These standards guarantee the implementation of stringent safety measures, encompassing both operator and patient protection. Two crucial aspects of this safety framework include the means of operator protection (MOOP) and the means of patient protection (MOPP). MOPP, being more rigorous than MOOP, ensures that patients remain unaffected in the event of equipment failure.

Essential Features of Medical LAN Card

The medical LAN card boasts several essential features that make it an ideal choice for healthcare settings:

Power Isolation Design

The card incorporates a power isolation design, ensuring the separation of electrical circuits and preventing any potential electrical interference. This design enhances the overall safety and reliability of the medical LAN card.

High-Speed Transmission Interface

Equipped with a high-speed transmission interface, the card facilitates swift and seamless data transfer. This feature is particularly crucial in medical applications where real-time data transmission is vital for efficient diagnostics, monitoring, and communication.

Versatile Ethernet Applications

The medical LAN card supports versatile Ethernet applications, including LAN and WAN configurations, allowing healthcare facilities to adapt it to their specific networking needs. This ensures efficient and secure data exchange within the medical infrastructure.

Medical Certified

In addition to the aforementioned features, MEDWEL prioritizes adherence to industry standards and compliance with regulatory guidelines. The PCIe x4 Isolated medical card meets the stringent requirements outlined by the IEC60601 standard, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability in medical environments.

MEDWEL: Empowering Healthcare Network

By leveraging MEDWEL’s advanced medical LAN card, healthcare facilities can enhance their networking capabilities, streamline data transmission, and safeguard the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals.