Telemedicine in the future

Telemedicine in the future

The emergence of the Covid-19 virus in 2020 has caused people all over the world to be affected by the epidemic.

In many countries, in the early stages, infected people still need doctors to help diagnose and prescribe medicine. Telemedicine is emerging at this time, mainly due to the following reasons:

Epidemic is not over yet

Changes in the medical market

Telemedicine Market Growth

New application for telemedicine

People get used to telemedicine


The telemedicine system can be used in many different situations, so it needs to have the following special design:

Special design

•Medical-grade PC have the following special designs to meet the needs of telemedicine:

Compact size

Thermolysis power

Multiple OS applications

Medical certificate IEC 60601-1

Provides the suitable products

Cooperates with the top 3 telemedicine companies in the United States

The expert for the medical PC

Introduce DTEC-C012 and DTEC-6012

Provides the most suitable products

MEDWEL cooperates with the top 3 telemedicine companies in the United States, and import in cart and enclosure project. MEDWEL can provide the most suitable products for their needs.