A solution for telemedicine

With the advant of 5G communication, due to the features of low latency and high throughput of data transmission, the patient visiting or cared by doctors will break out the limitation of distance and time based on our cart-type platform with a third-party softwares.

Unlike urban areas, there are not enough medical resources in the rural area such as villages in mountain. Thus, patients in rural areas need to spend more time to go to hospital where are in the towns. The elderly having chronically diseases needs routine medical visits which cause a great burden on patients and the healthcare system. How to optimize the allocation of medical resources is an important issue for all hospitals. In the pandemic of covid-19, it provides a chance of telemedicine growth to avoid contact and infection in hospitals or during transportation. One of example is patient at home uses computer and internet to visit a doctor in hospital remotely.

Product Technology

MEDWEL’s telemedicine solution has following features:

  • High integration

We integrate medical grade all in on (AIO) PC, cart, camera, speaker, and power supply. Apart from the features of other telemedicine cart products, MEDWEL’s ones have stylish outlook and practical functions.

  • Mobility

The mobile cart is tailored to the hospital environment. The cart adopts ergonomics design to reduce work loading for nursing staff. Besides, it has durable and long-hour power supply as well.

  • Flexibility

We explore a variety of telemedicine applications. We provide different models from entry-level to high-end for customers, therefore, the users can easily find a proper and economical solution.

Product Function​

Telemedicine solution have below main functions:

  • A series of computing platforms

The panel PCs as computing platforms are from low-end Apollo Lake to high-end Tiger Lake. Customers can choose the proper platform based on clinical functions and budget.

  • Integrated video system

Our video system greatly support doctors to interact with their patients under different situations. THe video system includes 2K FHD PTZ cameras and entry-level 4K Webcams. The PPCs also have built-in speakers and microphones.

  • Diverse medical

applications: MEDWEL’s telemedicine carts are equipped with lithium batteries which provide 8-21 hours sustainable operation. In addition, the height of the cart is adjustable.

Besides, we continue to integrate devices of diagnoses for five sense organs and physiological measurements such blood pressure and heart rate etc. These data also will be collected, parsed, and upload to the hospital database.

Improve Efficiency​

According to three major features of "rapid deployment", "easy to use", and "flexible assembly". We expect to provide a solution to our customers, who use the system afterwards, to have confidence and happiness. MEDWEL focuses on the integration of hardware and software products with the goal of shortening the communication gap between patients and physicians. Through our complete telemedicine system, it can be recorded and track health status of the patients. These data not only allow people to easily realize their own health status, but also offer doctors a reference to make more helpful clinical advices.